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Equity. Diversity. Inclusion. Belonging.

"Take the note and apply action."

Intersectionality. Different backgrounds, lived experiences, perspectives that go beyond what people can visually and physically see. Our varying intersections bring a different type of approach to the work space. We honor those differences because it can inform and open up important dialogue that will enlighten and inspire a path that might not have been visible if not shared. The only way that those conversations can happen are providing spaces that are safe, and that people feel like they are valued.

One of our highest values is focused on making sure that PEOPLE COME FIRST. As an institution that can provide creative spaces to explore individuals' artistry, our responsibility is to make sure it is accessible to everyone. Representation does matter, and we wanted to make sure that the stories, and who tell them, reflect how beautifully diversified our society is. We celebrate, support, and are enhanced by the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences that our community can bring to the theatre, and by putting people first, by default we are already achieving the excellence that we seek.

As leaders in the community, we recognize that we must make every and any continuous effort to evolve and assess how to maintain a theatre space that practices anti-racism policies and procedures. We acknowledge that to sustain an anti-racist theatre, we must evaluate our endeavors and remain open to evolving our procedures during these rapidly changing times.

We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge that in the wake of the pandemic, and tragic murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and far too many Black and Brown women and men, has caused us to pause and reflect on the world we live in. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color have continually experienced anti-blackness, erasure, forced silence, and have been historically excluded from institutions for the benefits of those who already hold the most power and privilege. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color have always amplified the many injustices they still face today, and it is past time for us to listen, take the note, and apply impactful action to them. We must all reflect within ourselves on how we’ve been participating and accepting those behaviors that we too have been benefiting from.

We pledge to stand up against oppressive systems that intentionally were created to suppress marginalized communities and will make impactful actions in our spaces to actively dismantle them to invite a work environment that provides equitable opportunities that are Just, and create a space of BELONGING.

We invite our audiences to do the same.

Speak out if you witness:

  • An act of racism.
  • An act of anti-Semitism.
  • An act of appropriation.
  • An act of xenophobia.
  • An act of sexual harassment or misconduct.
  • An act of homophobia.
  • An act of transphobia.
  • An act of discrimination based on gender identity or gender expression.
  • An act of ableism.
  • An act of ageism.
  • An act of classism.
  • An act against someone’s creed or religious practices.
  • All forms of discrimination or harassment not mentioned.