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Salt Lake Acting Company Playwrights' Lab

Death of a Driver, 2019 Death of a Driver, 2019 McKenna Frandsen

In this developmental play laboratory, the work is writer-focused and writer-driven. Equipped with a generous and talented creative team, playwrights have the opportunity and support to go deep into the exploration of their new scripts. The Lab is truly developmental in that there is no final reading or showcase. The work is solely about process. It is a rare experience for a playwright to be given so many resources without also having the pressure of impending audiences, ticket sales, and reviews. The SLAC Lab’s use of what we call ‘resource artists’ – specialists in various artistic mediums (storytelling, musical composition, dance, visual art, etc.) who are available to the playwrights as they explore and experiment – is another unique component of this program. The SLAC Lab has lovingly been called “theatre camp for grown-ups” and we think that’s pretty apt.

The rigorous week-long SLAC Lab includes dedicated rehearsal time, daily community meals, and presentations and workshops from each of the resource artists, which gives the playwrights opportunities to consider various artistic avenues they might not normally explore. SLAC is very proud of this venture and its huge contributions to the exciting world of new plays.

SLAC gratefully acknowledges the Weinholtz Family Foundation for their support of the 2015 and 2016 SLAC Lab, and the National New Play Network for their support of the 2017 and 2018 SLAC Lab.

2018 SLAC Lab | February 19 - 25, 2018

SPARKS FLY UPWARD by Eleanor Burgess

Director - Tlaloc Rivas
Dramaturg - Megan Monaghan Rivas
Actors - Latoya Cameron, Tony Campisi, Merry Magee, Topher Rasmussen, William Richardson
Stage Manager - Ash Crystal

DEATH OF A DRIVER by Will Snider

Director - Kareem Fahmy
Dramaturg - Alexandra Harbold
Actors - Cassandra Stokes-Wylie, Patrick Ssenjovu
Stage Manager - Jennie Sant

Resource Artists:

Adam Booth (Storyteller)
Mark Bly (Dramaturg)
David Kranes (Playwright/New Play Specialist)
Camille Litalien (Movement Specialist)
Shannon Robert (Scenic Design)
Steffan Soule (Stage Magician)

2017 SLAC Lab | February 19 - 25, 2017


Director - Michel Hausmann
Dramaturg - Tlaloc Rivas
Actors - Elena Dern, Ana Grosse, Thony Mena
Stage Manager - Jennie Sant

SILENT DANCER by Kathleen Cahill

Director - Lyndsay Burch
Dramaturg - Phaedra Scott
Choreographer - Peter Christie
Actors - Austin Archer, Tyson Baker, Carleton Bluford, Trent Cox, Samantha Matsukawa, William Richardson, Katryna Williams
Stage Manager - Morag Shepherd

TREES IN THEIR YOUTH by Dominic Finocchiaro

Director - Adrianne Moore
Dramaturg - Julie Jensen
Actors - Flo Bravo, Justin Ivie, Michael Scott Johnson, Tristan Johnson, Gavin Yehle
Stage Manager - Ash Crystal

NO ONE IS FORGOTTEN by Winter Miller

Director - Tracy Callahan
Dramaturg - Megan Monaghan Rivas
Actors - Latoya Cameron, Sarah Nina Hayon, Matthew Sincell
Stage Manager - Annie Brantley

Resource Artists:

Milbre Burch (Storyteller)
David Kranes (Playwright/New Play Specialist)
Corinne Penka (Dance/Movement)
Steffan Soule (Stage Magic)
Jeff Wirth (Improv Artist)

2016 SLAC Lab | February 20 - 27, 2016


Director - Tamilla Woodard
Dramaturg - Patrick Tovatt
Actors - April Fossen, Michael Scott Johnson, Cassandra Stokes-Wylie
Stage Manager - Valerie Kittel


Director - Larry L. West
Dramaturg - Martine Kei Green-Rogers
Actors - Nicole Cardoni, Luis Galindo, Tito Livas, Will Manning, William Richardson, Jasmine St. Clair
Stage Manager - Jennie Sant

WILD GOOSE DREAMS by Hansol Jung, composer - Paul Castles

Director - Leslie Swackhamer/Rich Rice
Dramaturg - Megan Monaghan Rivas
Actors - Latoya Cameron, Vichet Chum, Lily Hye Soo Dixon, Julienne Hanzelka Kim, Dan Larrinaga, Tito Livas
Stage Manager - Bobby Cody

LAURA AND THE SEA by Kate Tarker

Director - Michael Rau
Dramaturg - Cohen Ambrose
Actors - Daniel Beecher, Anne Louise Brings, Tony Campisi, Robin LeMon, Topher Rasmussen, Joleen Wilkinson
Stage Manager - Trent Cox

Resource Artists:

Charlotte Boye Christensen (Choreographer)
Bill Harley (Storyteller/Songwriter)
Ricklin Nobis (Musical Composer)
J. Ranelli (New Play Specialist)
Kenny Raskin (Improv Artist/Clown)
Richard A. Rice (New Play Specialist)
Shannon Robert (Visual Artist/Scenic Designer)

2015 SLAC Lab | February 22 - 27, 2015

HARBUR GATE by Kathleen Cahill

Director - Tamilla Woodard
Dramaturg - Erik Ramsey
Actors - Colleen Baum, Daniel Beecher, Nicole Cardoni, Will Manning, Topher Rasmussen, Joleen Wilkinson
Stage Manager - Shannon Musgrave

BOY ABOUT TEN by Jon Tuttle

Director - Robin Wilks-Dunn
Dramaturg - Martine Kei Green-Rogers
Actors - Austin Archer, Toni Byrd, Tony Campisi, April Fossen, Breean Taylor
Stage Manager - Janice Jenson

Resource Artists:

Charlotte Boye Christensen (Choreographer)
Bill Harley (Storyteller/Songwriter)
Kenny Raskin (Improv Artist/Clown)
Richard A. Rice (Musicologist)
Shannon Robert (Visual Artist/Scenic Designer)