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NPSS: (a man enters)

a new play by Elaine Jarvik and Kate Jarvik Birch

FREE READING: Monday, April 25th at 7 pm

As they get their grandmother's house ready for her 90th birthday party, Rosie and her brother wonder if their estranged father will show up after a 20-year absence.  The wondering turns into a series of fantastical and bittersweet encounters that explore who their father was, why he left, and what the rules of marriage should be.

Director: Tracy Callahan

Company: Dan Beecher, Teri Cowan, Darrin Doman, Cheryl Gaysunas, Terence Goodman, Tracie Merrill


Life without father: memories sweet and sad at Salt Lake Acting Company reading | Salt Lake City Theater Examiner | Jenniffer Wardell | April 18, 2011