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WE GOT THIS: Getting Through COVID-19 Together

March 27, 2020

A project from Salt Lake Acting Company seeking to document human experience during a global pandemic. 

What is occurring now across the globe is unprecedented--at least during the lives of most people currently on the planet. COVID-19 has forever changed the lives of billions of humans, and while we're all (hopefully) practicing physical distance, we're all going through a shared experience.

For nearly 50 years, Salt Lake Acting Company has weathered world events, remaining a beacon to so many in Utah as a source of connection to others and to the oldest art form in the world: storytelling. We confidently forge into the current unknown with a resilient spirit. We will once again open our doors when the time is right. And we will all be changed from this experience.

While the attention is usually on playwrights, creatives, and performers on our stages, we'd like to shine the spotlight on YOUR stories. Stories of the extremes you're living through, of acts of kindness, and resilience of the human spirit. We hope that when the time is right, through an an artistic outlet yet-to-be-determined, that these experiences can provide hope and help us fully understand what we've all survived. TOGETHER.

Here is one such inspiring example:

Our landlord knows we work in the arts and very generously offered to give us a break on rent for April. Because we’re fortunate enough to remain employed when so many artists are struggling, we thanked him for his kindness and declined the offer, but suggested he could donate the money to Utah Food Bank or another charity of his choice if he was so inclined.  With all that’s been going on, we forgot about the conversation until about a week later when we received a donation email receipt from the Food Bank.  We are so grateful for people like our sweet landlord who practice unexpected acts of goodwill in uncertain times. - Cassie

Thank you in advance for anything you feel compelled to share with us. We promise to treasure it and to notify you prior to your story being shared with anyone else.

If you wish to send to a SLAC representative directly, please email Executive Artistic Director Cynthia Fleming at .


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