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SLAC Digital Shorts: "Dial-A-Laugh"

October 02, 2020


Written by Jerry Straley
Directed by Cassie Stokes-Wylie

When you think of the 1990s, what comes to mind? Nirvana? "Talk to the hand"? Frosted tips? For us...it's INFOMERCIALS. Enjoy this week's SLAC Digital Short: an homage to one of the 1990s most popular television tropes.

Special thanks to Jerry Straley for his script and to Cassie Stokes-Wylie for her deft direction (not to mention our hilarious cast of laughers-for-rent).

We hope you enjoy a faux walk down memory lane!



Written by Jerry Straley
Directed by Cassie Stokes-Wylie

Announcer: Justin Ivie

Normal Laugher: Mina Sadoon

Agree & Laugh Lightly Laugher: Makena Reynolds

Outrageous Laugher: Jae Weit

Snort Laugher: Joseph Paul Branca

Complimentary Laugher: Julie Silvestro Waite

Amused Laugher: Matthew Tripp

Giggler: Daisy Ali All

The Long HAAAA! Laugher: Kimi Brown

SLAC Digital Shorts Staff

Production Manager: Joshua Black

Video Editor & Technical Advisor: Nick Fleming

Costume Designer: Erika Ahlin

Props Designer: Justin Ivie

Literary Manager: Cassie Stokes-Wylie

Executive Producer: Cynthia Fleming

Salt Lake Acting Company Staff

Executive Artistic Director: Cynthia Fleming

Producing Director: Justin Ivie

Director of Development: Erika Ahlin

Director of Marketing & Communications: Joshua Black

Literary Manager: Cassie Stokes-Wylie

Director of Technology & Ticketing: Nick Fleming

Audience Relationship & Subscription Specialist: Adriana Lemke

Accountant & Human Resources: John Downing

Grants & Education Coordinator: Topher Rasmussen

Audience Relationship & Accessibility Coordinator: Natalie Keezer