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Vee Vargas

VEE VARGAS (Woman) is a Latiné Genderqueer and Neurodivergent actor who loves collaborative storytelling. Their recent theatre appearances include Night, Mother, The Not Broken Monologues, Wild Magic, Quiet Chaos, and To Wit. She is also a cast member of The Scarab Archives, a horror/mystery podcast and Off the Beaten Path, a fully online and interactive fantasy musical.  Vee is a dedicated advocate for accessibility, equity, and inclusion of Disabled and BIPOC artists and patrons. Becoming a player on the D&D real play podcast Adventures of the Mightiest Pen, which at its core focuses on inclusion and diversity in storytelling and world building. Creating her character Seeks, an openly Autistic character, and seeing their impact on the audience was the spark that began her advocacy journey.  Vee is thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this production, for being welcomed into the SLAC community with open arms, and the support of their family. This is truly a dream come true and is possible because of you.